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Hikari allows you to access aggregated OTC pools and
execution algorithms to trade seamlessly across Defi.

About hikari

Hikari provides institutional tooling to traders

We've created tools that are simple to use yet powerful.


By use of execution algorithms

Hikari allows you to execute orders through our algorithms, assuring your order flow will never become stale.


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Transparent and Secure

We aim to provide NBBO on Defi through data.
Order Flow

See active orders across any venue at any given time.

With exemplary transparency, Hikari’s pool management allows you to see any active order 24/7 across our platform.

Order Flow
audit report

Passed audits and performance testing.

Hikari’s contract has been thoroughly audited by Certik, and has passed all forms of performance testing to assure asset security.

Audit report
What We Do

Our Product Ecosystem

We're constantly evolving our feature sets to remain competitive.
OTC-enabled Swap Platform


Traders can execute orders through this platform with multiple exotic order types. We enable aggregate OTC pool trades across all partner venues, execution algorithm use on lit markets, as well as counterparty specific trading to facilitate escrowed swaps.


Integrate with Hikari’s suite of tools natively on your dApp.

We work with DEXs, Swaps, Hot Wallets, Exchanges and high TPS L1’s.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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